Diet Food Plan And Protein Foods List!

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Working on a new  Diet Food Plan Can  be a Challenge. Specially When you are looking for the Right Protein Foods List
With Thousands Of Website and Programs it is impossible to chose the right program, Makers of conventional,
mainstream diet foods make millions selling you more than diet sodas and frozen entrees that promise to make you lean.

They are selling you a massive smoke screen that covers up the REAL culprit behind weight gain and disease.
They are hoping you’ll be so busy counting calories and fat grams that you won’t have time to learn the REAL truth about health.

The first and most shocking secret is that the last 10 to 20 pounds that seems so tough to loose, especially fat around the belly,
thighs and bottom, just might be saving your life. I know that sounds crazy, and I thought it WAS crazy,
until I learned about  Diet Food Plan & raw foods.

The Protein Foods list combine with  raw foods diet is about stepping off the roller coaster these foods put our bodies on.
It is an opportunity to see how you look and feel without these highly processed foods.
Give your body a vacation from dealing with these taxing foods and it will have time to heal itself.

That healing can take many forms, but the most common is loosing fats,especially around the mid section, thighs and bottom. Why?

Because fat is a safe place to store acids and toxins that build up from eating the Standard American Diet.
When you stop eating that way, your body doesn’t have toxins to store. It even has time to break down the existing toxins stored in that fat.
And guess what, when the toxins are broken down the body doesn’t NEED fat as a safe storage place.
Being magically wise, the body lets that unneeded fat go, its like  Healthy Diet For Weight Loss Magic!

What would your body look like if you gave your it a break from processed foods? Glowing skin? Shinny Hair? Could you see those abs at last?
How would your moods be different without exposure to the hormones in animal products? Is it depression, PMS, or ADD?
Or does the potpourri of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, dyes, flavorings and preservatives affect these conditions in ways we cannot yet understand?

The best way to have consistent energy from the moment you wake, is to eat a diet comprised of primarily fresh fruits and vegetables.
These foods are living and are a more direct, clean source of energy for your body.
Learning the techniques use in raw cuisine, you can find shockingly delicious ways to cut out the dead,
low energy foods from animals and replace them (at least most of the time) with foods that offer a STEADY, reliable source of energy.
You can learn the art of raw cuisine and give your body a two week vacation from the Standard American Diet you’ve probably been fed your whole life with this on line raw food course.

Why Eat Low Carb Snacks and Raw Food Diet?

A raw foods diet is beneficial in two major ways, by only including foods that have healthy attributes and by excluding foods and heating methods that wreak havoc on the body over time.

The three main topics on foods that are included in the raw food diet are…

Wealth Loss Meal Plan, Low Carb Snacks, Slim Fast Diet Plan.

* Vitamins and Minerals: abundant in a raw foods diet in easily absorbed forms
* Phytonutrients and Antioxidants: beneficial, plant based compounds
* Enzymes: vital catalysts that are easily broken down by heat

The main topics on foods that are beneficial to exclude are…

* Animal Products: tainted with hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides
* Processed Foods: preservatives, dyes, refined sugars and flours, hydrogenated oils, coffee, alcohol, and chemicals.
* Cooked Food Toxins: there 5 major categories of these toxins

1. Acrylamide – formed mainly by carbs (especially potatoes) at high heat
2. AGEs – cooking fats and animal proteins
3. Heterocyclic Amines – from cooking muscle meats
4. Nitrosamines – caused by heating preservatives
5. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) – caused by incomplete combustion of carbon containing fuels like gas, wood, oil and coal.

Celebrities have to look good. Some of them use DANGEROUS quick fix methods to look good fast for an upcoming role.
But the stars who have kept their perfect bodies, glowing skin, and silky full heads of hair are those who are using the beautifully simple
Diet Food Plan – Protein Foods List And Raw Food Diet!




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