Where Can I Find Some Detox Diet Recipe?

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While browsing the World Wide Web for natural weight loss techniques, I came across the idea of weight loss and detox, and wondered “where can I find some detox diet recipe.”

Lots of people are having difficulty losing weight, me included. I’ve tried going on a fad diet and exercising, but neither proved to be of any help. I’m eating almost nothing, and walking my way to the office almost everyday, and still, I’m not able to shed off the unwanted fat. So I decided to make a quick search on the internet if it’s possible to lose weight without exercising or dieting, and that’s how I came to discover the link between weight loss and detox. Apparently, our body collects toxins everyday and these accumulate over time.

You might be wondering how toxins are related to weight management. You see, toxins carry some weight, too. In fact, according to many health experts themselves, the body has over 10 pounds or more of toxins upon death. Another likely explanation is that as the toxins accumulate in the body, they somehow affect the function of the organs of the body, particularly the digestive system of the body, resulting to a sluggish metabolism, and you know for sure that a sluggish metabolism is linked to weight gain.

While you can make do without really exercising (although you really need some form of activity, no matter!), dieting is always essential. It’s not fad dieting this time, though, but detox dieting, the kind that would enable you to cleanse your body of toxins and help you lose weight at the same time.

So now, “where can I find some detox diet recipe”? There is a sea of options, for sure, but I have to focus on sites I believe to be reliable, sites which have real experts writing about detox diet recipes and the like.

What I came across with really surprised me. The ultimate detox diet recipes are actually very simple. Take the olive oil detox recipe for instance, wherein the only ingredient you need is olive oil and the only process involved is to take it twice a day. Olive oil is a natural lubricant, besides being endowed with many health benefits, and taking olive oil helps the digestive system flush out the toxins from the body. The olive oil detox recipe should be done only once a week, however, else your next problem could be diarrhea or mood swings.

If you are not diabetic, you can try the fruit detox recipe using apples and carrots or peaches. To prepare, simply wash 2 or 3 green apples, 1 carrot, and some fresh basil leaves, cut them into smaller pieces, and take their juice out using a fruit juicer. If you don’t have apples and carrots, do the same trick with peaches, but without the basil leaves.

There are people who go on a 3-day fast with nothing but water to cleanse their system. Health practitioners, however, advise against this kind of thing as this doesn’t leave you with energy.

I’m sharing all these pieces of information so you yourself will not find the need to ask, “where can I find some detox diet recipe?”

There are many ways you can do a detox diet. You may use a natural colon cleanser and also take some probiotics along with it.

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